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Camera – a little magic box to capture the memorable moments forever. This little thing allows you to capture the sweet moments of your life. Photos are a gateway to your past and if done right, photos allow you to relive your most cherished moments. Photography is an art, and taking great photos is much more than, just a mere push of a buttphotography techniqueson. It takes a true artist’s mind and creativity to take the photos that keep a moment alive for decades.

Learn the secret to taking amazing pictures.

Ansel Adams – the Picasso of photography once said:

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Photography is not about, expensive gear and a hundred thousand dollar lens. It is the photography techniques that matter. It is your creativity and knowledge about digital photography that matter. Believe me if you are truly passionate about photography, all you need is a basic DSLR. Your ideas and creativity have no limit. They will allow you to take photographs, a person with expensive gear but uncreative mind can only dream of taking.

If you are beginner to photography, we know that photography can be a bit intimidating when you are first starting off but don’t worry, in this article, we will learn some beginner level photography techniques. And even if you are a pro photographer, looking for some advanced photography techniques, read on. There are some great photography techniques in this article for you too.

Since the beginning of photography, it revolves around three things. ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. As a beginner you need to know photography techniques associated with these three things and you are all set.

ISO is essentially camera’s sensitivity to light. Light vary according to different situations and environments. It is bright during the day and in outdoor environments, dull at dusk and indoors etc. You need to adjust ISO according to the situation.

Take a picture of an object in low light and set your ISO to a low number. Now bump up the ISO to a higher number without changing any other setting of camera. The object will appear to be more bright at ISO set to higher numbers.

Keeping ISO low will give you more rich and smooth colors. It is recommended that you should keep ISO as low as possible and play with Aperture and Shutter speed to get a good exposure.

Aperture is the measure of how open or close the iris in the lens is. Iris deals with the amount of light coming through. In addition to light, aperture also deals with the depth of the field.

Fstop number controls the Aperture. Lower Fstop number means Iris is more open while high fstop number means less opening of Iris. So if it is more opened the depth of field will be more shallow. Now that depends on you, if you want to isolate your subject then go for low fstop and if you want objects in the background to appear in your photo go for higher fstop numbers.

Shutter Speed:

Shutter speed is the measure of time during which camera film is exposed to light. Shutter speed can capture very fast moving objects and they appear as if they are still.

Again it’s up to you to decide what shutter speed you want. You have to decide the shutter speed in accordance with your ISO, Aperture and the object you want to take the picture of.

In addition to these cool beginners photography techniques here are a few tips for you too that will surely help you a lot.

3 Golden Tips For Beginner Photographers:

1) Start Out With Camera’s Automatic Settings:

Almost all of the cameras have manual and automatic modes. While it feels great to capture snaps with your customized settings, but don’t worry automatic mode gives pretty awesome results too. For instance, white balance, shutter speed, autofocus and auto ISO will adjust themselves according to your environment and most of the time the results are amazing.

So as a beginner you can capture spectacular photographs with camera’s automatic settings. As you’ll spend more time with your camera you will learn different techniques to take photos using manual settings but till then try taking different snaps with automatic settings.

Take photos in different environments and check out the results.

2) Know the Light:

Photography is all about light. If you get the right light, you’ll get the perfect snaps.

Light can be used to take amazing photos. Light is different during different times of the day, pro photographers make use of different techniques to shoot breath taking images. For example if you want your object to be sharp and detailed, you should always shoot in a soft light. To take magestic photos always take photos with the sun behind you.

Keep experimenting with light during different times of the day and you’ll be amazed to see how a same object comes out to be different under different light.

3) Keep An Eye On the Background:

Keeping a check on background is extremely important. Always make sure if you want the object in the background in your photo or not. Sometimes it is very distracting and really messes up the object in focus.

I hope these photography tips and techniques get you started. The most important thing is that you’ll learn from experience, so don’t be afraid to experiment and soon you’ll be able to capture majestic snaps.


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