Wedding Photography Tips

The 10th of February 2016, my big day, how can I forget. I finally married to the man of my dreams. For most of us, wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and an unforgettable onWedding Photography Tipse. The wedding plans start way before the wedding. Food, venue, guests, dresses and seating arrangements are decided. In a nutshell we do our utter best to make each and every moment of this occasion, memorable.

As stated above we do our best to make this joyous occasion memorable but when it comes to capture these memories into a camera, most of people make sloppy decisions. Hence when we look back to our sweet memories from the past, we wish that those beautiful moments should have been captured as perfectly as they were.

What most people failed to realize is that wedding photography is as important part of wedding as the other tasks are. In fact, it is the only part which will allow you to relive these precious moments. Here are a few great photography tips, particularly wedding photography tips for your big day. These wedding photography tips are gathered by me, from my own personal experience and I am sharing them with you people so that when you will look back to these beautiful and romantic moments, you’ll relive them just like they are meant to be relived.

Wedding Photography Tips

Find an Experienced Wedding Photographer:
It is the most obvious yet most important wedding photography tip. If your big day is coming up soon, it’s time to start looking for an experienced wedding photographer. If you are thinking that you’ll find a decent photographer a couple of days before your wedding, there is a chance that you may end up settling for a mediocre one and then you know what happens next. So start looking for a talented and experienced wedding photographer, who knows what he’s doing.

Social media and photography blogs are a good place to start looking for your perfect photographer. Check the portfolio of your photographer, his past experience and his gadgets. When it comes to money, yeah! good photographers charge more but do remember that you’ll probably get only one chance to do it (I hope it is a good thing too), so don’t settle for an amateur photographer just because he is charging less.

Now don’t waste time and book a good photographer as soon as possible as good photographers are almost over-booked most of the time.

Make a Shoot List:
This is one of the best advices one can give you about wedding photography. Weddings are busy occasions and we tend to forget a lot when we are busy. So make a list of shots you want your photographer to take. Your shoot list can contain the names of people, you want your snaps with or you can also put some special pose you have in mind. Additionally you can put your favorite locations in there too.

Trust me you will be very happy with your snaps if you’ll make a shoot list. Having no list means there’s a chance that some of the most beautiful and close people to you, won’t be in your photos. So it’s better to create a shoot list, then to regret later that ‘nana’ is not in the pictures.



Good Lightning is a Key to Great Pictures:
If you ask for a single most important tip one can give you regarding digital photography, it is lightning. Without light, even the most expensive cameras or lens can’t capture snaps that can be considered exceptional.

When choosing a venue, do keep in mind that it has proper lightning. If it’s indoor, there must be windows to let the light in or other lighting sources should be capable enough so that the photographer gets a full chance to capture good snaps. Moreover, it is best to have wedding ceremony early in the day.
Listen to the Photographer:
Photographers are extremely talented and creative people and most importantly, the had been in this field for years so they know their business inside out. Listen to your photographer and be open to their ideas and photography tips they give you.

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