75 percent of People Buy the Wrong Digital Camera

Over 75 % of the students turn up with the video camera the salesperson recommended when I teach a new class learning digital photography.

They quickly discover out that it's the wrong one for them. The big questions are what is the ideal one for me and how do I understand which is best for me.

One of the first things that you want to know about the video camera that the salesperson is trying to offer you is as follows -?? How long does the camera take to turn on and be all set to take the shot? (Not to take the picture) most cams take in between 1 to 3 seconds most at around the 1-second mark. How long does the video camera take to in fact take the image after you have pressed the shutter button completely?

In a more affordable camera, however not necessarily more affordable it can be up to 9 seconds to take a photo from the electronic camera turned off. Simply think of how annoying it will be now that you have acquired your new digital camera costing you around $400 - $500 to find that you simply cannot catch your child blowing out the candle lights because your new video camera at the crucial time of blowing the candle lights out took 1 2nd to focus and a further 2 seconds to take the picture.

Can you set the white balance on your camera? Just exactly what is the white balance?

About 60 % of digital video cameras don't have this change, you have to buy one that can be set by hand, not simply one that has an "automobile white balance" as they are not as excellent as they market.

Does your cam have different direct exposure modes?

Exposure modes are merely where does the electronic camera take a light reading? The less expensive electronic cameras just do an all over reading which can be extremely restricting to state the least. An excellent cam will have a "area", "centre weighted" and "matrix" metering system, which allows you to take excellent images in any light situation.

When buying a digital video camera, buy it for the fact that it's a video camera not a video camera too. One student revealed me all the features her electronic camera had which's why it was more pricey-- the only thing that it didn't succeed was take still pictures!

You can get so much out of your brand-new digital camera! you simply need to put some time in for finding out how to use it properly and the best ways to take much better photos-- remember nobody will ever want to look at a bad quality image twice!

If you want to take really great pictures that will be in your household for several years put in a little effort with your new digital video camera.