Find an Experienced Wedding Photographer

If your big day is coming up soon, it's time to start looking for an experienced wedding photographer. If you are thinking that you'll find a decent photographer a couple of days before your wedding, there is a chance that you may end up settling for a mediocre one and then you know what happens next.

Social media and photography blogs are a good place to start looking for your perfect photographer. Check the portfolio of your photographer, his past experience and his gadgets.
Now don't waste time and book a good photographer as soon as possible as good photographers are almost over-booked most of the time.

Find an Experienced Wedding Photographer

Make a Shoot List:

This is one of the best advices one can give you about wedding photography. When we are busy, weddings are busy occasions and we tend to forget a lot. Make a list of shots you want your photographer to take. Your shoot list can contain the names of people, you want your snaps with or you can also put some special pose you have in mind. Additionally you can put your favorite locations in there too.
If you'll make a shoot list, Trust me you will be very happy with your snaps. Having no list means there's a chance that some of the most close and beautiful people to you, won't be in your photos. So it's better to create a shoot list, then to regret later that 'nana' is not in the pictures.

Good Lightning is a Key to Great Pictures:

It is lightning if you ask for a single most important tip one can give you regarding digital photography. Without light, even the most expensive cameras or lens can't capture snaps that can be considered exceptional.
When choosing a venue, do keep in mind that it has proper lightning. If it's indoor, there must be windows to let the light in or other lighting sources should be capable enough so that the photographer gets a full chance to capture good snaps. It is best to have wedding ceremony early in the day.

Listen to the Photographer:

Photographers are extremely talented and creative people and most importantly, the had been in this field for years so they know their business inside out. Listen to your photographer and be open to their ideas and photography tips they give you.
Don't be afraid to go an extra mile for some beautiful snaps, as in the end you'll be the one who would be cherishing these moments.

Keep In touch With the Photographer:

One of the keys to great wedding photos is the communication between the wedding couple and the photographer. Keep in touch with your photographer and politely tell him what you are expecting from him. A little appreciation from your part will inspire and motivate him to put his best and in the end you'll benefit.
The communication don't have to be very intense, just a few periodic conversations will do the job. You may not know, but this little tip will have a huge positive impact on your photos.

I've given you the holy grail of wedding photography tips, now it's up to you to implement them. Just keep these golden tips of wedding photography in mind and you'll love the outcome.