How To Take Amazing Pictures with an Underwater Camera

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Taking photos on land is interesting but it gets more interesting when the photography takes place underwater. However, in order to take beautiful and breath-taking photographs, you need to consider a few things. Some useful tips on how to take amazing pictures with an underwater camera are as follows:

Get The Right Equipment 

In this case you will need to get one of those waterproof cameras that can work perfectly and capture those breath-taking underwater scenery. There are digital cameras available in the market that can be used underwater. Sometimes you can always use that same camera with a powerful lens that you usually use on land. All you need is one of those waterproof camera cases to protect it from damage when using it to photograph underwater. If you think that is too much of a risk then simply get your waterproof camera to take those amazing underwater pictures. 

Ensure There Is Enough Light 

Bright afternoons are usually the best times to shoot underwater because the sunlight reaches further down and makes visibility clearer. In case you want to photograph in deep and gloomy waters, carry a camera with a built-in flash or simply ensure that you bring along an artificial light that will provide ample light around the subject. When photographing underwater, you will have to avoid illuminating particles that are between you and the subject to avoid those white spots showing in the pictures. To avoid those white spots, simply position the external flash at an angle towards the lens. 

Get As Close As Possible 

On land getting close might not result to the best photos, but when photographing underwater, getting close to the subject is actually advised. Getting close to your subject underwater will result to the capturing of more amazing details. Consider using macro lens if you are able to get a DSLR casing. You can also fill your entire frame with your underwater subject and the effect will be simply amazing. 

Practice The Shot Before Taking It 

It is important to have your subject practice first when on land, then two times underwater before you take the shot. This will make the process less tiring since it will involve a lot of breath-holding and feet paddling. If you are bringing along props to create more interest in the picture, that makes the need for practice even more necessary. Fully discuss with your subjects and agree on getting the shot right first before actually taking it. 

Light Clothing Is The Best 

Get the most swim friendly clothes for both you and your subjects to enable easier movement while underwater. Clothing such as leggings, spandex, sundresses, nightgowns, shirt and so on are usually the best since they make it easier to move underwater. Always remember that the tighter the clothing, the less resistance you will experience when moving underwater. 

Keep Your Safety In Mind 

Always remember that no shot is worth your life. Ensure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times and your swimming abilities will allow you to photograph without endangering your life. Keep in mind that there could also be dangerous marine life around that might harm you if you are shooting in oceans, lakes or rivers. If you are photographing people, doing so in a swimming pool is advisable since there are no unpredictable currents or dangerous marine life. 

With the above underwater photography tips, you should be on the right track to taking amazing underwater photographs.